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Motion, Shape and Guides Motion, Shape and Guides Rated Stars A simple guide to motion, shapes and motion guides. Tutorial The Cursor Tutorial V2 The Cursor Tutorial V2 Rated Stars A short and sweet tutorial on cursors. Tutorial Maze Mania V2 Maze Mania V2 Rated Stars A cool maze game! Skill - Avoid Symbols and You! (TUT) Symbols and You! (TUT) Rated Stars A tutorial mainly for beginners that explain what symbols are used for. Tutorial The Ball Game 2 The Ball Game 2 Rated Stars A collect game where you have to collect as many coins as you can in 30 seconds! Skill - Collect The Hacking Tutorial The Hacking Tutorial Rated Stars An educational only hacking tutorial. Tutorial *~Keyboard Movement Tut~* *~Keyboard Movement Tut~* Rated Stars A basic tutorial for beginners that shows how to make your character move with the keyboar Tutorial Basic ActionScript Tut Basic ActionScript Tut Rated Stars A basic tutorial for beginners on actionscript. Tutorial Motion Guide Tutorial Motion Guide Tutorial Rated Stars A tutorial on motion guides. Tutorial Kill SpongeBob! Kill SpongeBob! Rated Stars Kill SpongeBob!!! Spam Animation With Sprites Animation With Sprites Rated Stars A sprite tutorial that shows beginners how to use sprite sheets, and how to animate them. Sexy Snake! Sexy Snake! Rated Stars A sexy snake game! Skill - Collect SpongeBob Dressup 2 SpongeBob Dressup 2 Rated Stars A dressup game where you can pimp out spongebob! Simulation - Pet / Buddy AS and Tweening TUT AS and Tweening TUT Rated Stars A tweening and actionscript tutorial for beginners Tutorial Pimp Out SpongeBob! Pimp Out SpongeBob! Rated Stars Pimp Out Sponge Bob! Simulation - Other Pimp My hedgehog V2 Pimp My hedgehog V2 Rated Stars Pimp My hedgehog Verison 2... Simulation - Other Animated Pulse Tutorial Animated Pulse Tutorial Rated Stars Shows you how to make an animated pulse line. Tutorial Cool Animation Tutorial Cool Animation Tutorial Rated Stars Shows you how to make a star animated with text on. Tutorial Cursors Custom Tutorial Cursors Custom Tutorial Rated Stars A custom cursor tutorial. Tutorial On/Off Sound Tutorial On/Off Sound Tutorial Rated Stars This tutorial will show you how to create a sounjd on/off button. Tutorial Intermediate Button TUT Intermediate Button TUT Rated Stars This will show you how to create rollover buttons. Tutorial